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A native HTML4/5 Remote Desktop Protocol and SSH client

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Welcome to Myrtille!

Myrtille is a straightforward way to connect remote desktops and applications, hosted on Windows Servers and using the RDP protocol, from a web browser. New in version 2.0! SSH support.

It just needs a browser (no plugin, extension, application or configuration whatsoever) and thus works on any operating system or device (including touchpads and mobiles).

This project started back as a PoC in 2007, then became commercial in 2011 before going open source in march 2016.

New! I'm offering my services as freelance, for Myrtille or Web Development, Digital Learning LMS / LRS Consulting and Security Audits. You can find my portfolio and contact form at

How does it works?

Myrtille is basically a web interface to a standard RDP (or SSH) client running through an HTTP(S) gateway. It sends the user actions up to the RDP (or SSH) server then receives the resulting display.

By doing so, it works like comparable solutions (Guacamole or FreeRDP-WebConnect, to name a few), but is more specifically intended for Windows as it uses IIS and the .NET (C#) framework.

It features HTML4 (starting from IE6!) and HTML5 support, file transfer and WebP compression. Many optimizations and a minimalist design makes it an efficient solution.

Download Installer

Even if there is nothing to install client side, there is a server part :p

Myrtille version 2.8.1 (stable), Windows 32 and 64 bits

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